Health Events & Advice Options "Accu-Chek Combo" Pump

I've spent the good part of the last hour flipping through the manuals, can anyone give me some information on how to set up the "health events"
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
And what those percentages should be and what they mean exactly?

I'm also kinda lost on what to do with the Advice options?


What pump?

Sorry I guess that would help huh? I'm using the Accu Chek Combo

I discussed this with the CDE from Accu-chek. She was very helpful.

Did you get your answers to this? If not, post back. I don't remember off the top of my head but I could figure it out again in a few minutes.

I have mine set like this:
Exercise 1 - -50% (This is if I am at the gym working out. I typically have a snack or something 30 minutes before and when I bolus I choose this and it reduces the calculation of needed insulin by 50%.
Exercise 2 - -10% (Same as above but more like an after dinner walk or light bike ride)
Illness - +25% (Still not enough for me personally but not pushing it. I generally do not worry about by BS too much when I am sick other than to keep it reasonable).
Stress - Same as above....

There is an Accu-Chek users group as well that is real good for answering questions and a representative from the company pops in every now and then and will offer assistance as well.


@ Mike
Yeah I got it figured out thanks! Took a little time and some trial and error but I got it.. Thanks again for posting.