Health Fields

I was just wondering how many students are looking at careers in the health field. I’m starting my first year in a DPT program (Doctorate of Physical Therapy)

i plan on becoming a dietician!

This is GREAT Caryn! We need more dieticians who know what it is really like to live with diabetes! I’m sure you will be a great help to many people!!!

I’m getting my degree in Health and Medical Journalism. I spend so much time, as a diabetic and a dance teacher, explaining about health. So I figured I might as well specialize in writing about it.

Hi everyone! I am an LPN. I am in school right now to get my RN. It is very challenging with working fulltime & going to school at night.

Hello fellow diabetics! :slight_smile: I am wanting to be a Pediatric Endocrinologist.

i’m pre med (sort of) and i plan on attending med school then possibly traveling and joining a program outside the country

Finally I did what my mom told me =)
1st Changing Multimedia Web for Phsycology
Now This Fall Im Starting To Get Be An LPN =)
Later On A RN Yayy
And Probably After That Im Going To Continue
College To Be A Forensic Nurse =)

Im majoring in Psychology, just started tho. haahhaa, gotta keep good mental health!

I’m majoring in Clinical Laboratory Science Technology. I will always be the first one to know my own lab results! :slight_smile:

trying to decide if i am too old to focus on being a doc, i’ll probably go to PA school. I am a EMT, CNA, and working currently as a ward clerk at the local rural hospital( it pays more than EMS)

Hey guys I am a paramedic/firefighter and just finished nursing school for my RN now I am working on my NP

Hi Megan,
I also am doing Medical Lab Science Diploma. I am currently doing my practicum…almost done!! Yay.

going for my RN, starting clinicals this January :slight_smile:

I am a medical professional now and will be starting medical school this summer. So far I am all for Primary Care! I was just diagnosed so I have not been in school with DM yet. I lived on coffee, sugar and 3 hours of sleep in undergraduate… I have no idea how I will survive this time around!

Ha! sounds like me lol I have been doing this for A while though I stile live on quite a bit of caffine more than my endo would like I am sure and sleep is highly over rated lol. no just kidding umm biggest things I can say is try to get some kind of schedule that has helped me big time with NP school. umm I see you are on a pump but not if you are using a cgm. if not and can get one then I highly recommend it! It has truely saved my life on more then one occasion.

Yeah no CGM yet. I am not ready for two things being attached to me and my insurance wouldn’t cover it. A schedule sounds good now but it will be hard to establish one. I have a feeling that I will lose sleep in the anatomy lab, volunteering in the ER, etc How do you balance taking care of yourself and your patients/ school/ etc? Not an easy answer but hopefully I will figure something out for now and for school. I hope to try to cut back on caffeine now so it’s more effective once I go back to school :wink: What are you doing for your NP? FNP? ANP? Specialty?

I am going for my ACNP I want to work in the ER with it when all is said and done. I have learned that I have to priortize everything in my life right now and while I hate this my health has to come first. So I ensure I test at least 8 times a day. This allows me to keep up with my numbers and stay on top of stubborn highs or lows. Always have a emergency kit with you mine includes the following: 2 juice boxes, 2 packs of peanut butter crackers, pack of glucose tabs, extra insulin, resovior, and site change, A insulin pen incase of epic pump fail and strips and meter ohh yeah and batteries for both meter and pump just incase. This pack stays in my bag at all times and my best friend we have been through RN school together and now doing this she knows everything she can about how to help and where everything is. in fact she now carries small things with her like a snack and juice box for me cause I have been known to forget once in a blue moon. I do carry around a glucogon kit with me because she is trained to use it and we are always together and being around medical personnel I would feel kind of dumb not having it lol. Also feel free to tell someone you are diabetic and be sure to wear some type of identifcation stating diabetes so if something were to happen someone would know. I struggled a lot last sem. with diabetes and college I prob. posted about it like 20 times but got lots of help from everyone and this sem. is going so much smoother. anytime you have a Q just ask I am still learning myself. With work I apply the same theory as I do at college. ohh yeah and I learned this the hard way DO NOT!!! skip meals!! it will bite you in the butt. We are so time consumed with class and homework and studying that we forget the basics like food. don’t do it. also if you keep healthy snacks around you will be less inclined to go to the snack machine or where ever to get less healthy options. I use peanut butter crackers, apples, cuties, string cheese, and granola bars (not the kid kinds that are full of crap though I get the ones that are full of fiber and have no more than 15 carbs in it.) also always keep appts with your doctor this is important! he/she can help you with the highs and lows that you just can’t seem to get under control. and last is sleep. I shoot for 6 to 7 hrs a night which is HARD! what I do is study when I am eating or on breaks in between class or at work in between calls. I take my lap top everywhere with me so I can keep all my work on hand. I will not go to be any later than 12:30am because I wake up at 6am. so that is all I can think of for now but any questions you have just send them my way. I would love to keep in touch seeing as we are both going down a long route in medicine with the big D. Good luck!

Hi I am in university studying Physiotherapy!

You sound a little like me 35+ years ago. I started as an EMT then Paramedic, then 2yr RN, did not like hospital nursing after a year and went back to the streets. Laws changed and back to medic school for the second time. Finally, realized Elvis was right and got out of the the “Cold Kentucky Rain” and got a BSN. Taught Nurse Aides and LPNs and have just retired.

Now for the question: Do you think several of us medic types should start a group like “Diabetic Emergencies - before you need 911” ???