Health insurance for new and all type one

Since Obamacare started I decided to look for better insurance then what my job, FedEx, provided. Surprisingly I pay more per month, almost $200 more but save $3000 a year.

Selecthealth Platinum: Confirmed in Idaho and Utah
Max cost for usual diabetic costs and premium: $4570
Under age 29: Premium $254 a month(government subsidy:$80)
Deductible $0
Out of Pocket $1500
Apidra or Lantus is $40 a month
Test strips run $40 but Freestyle only(other suggestion below)
Office visits $50 for Endocrinologists
Here is the most important part:
Insulin pump and CGM:
Example only: Medtronic pump and CGM $6500 to $7500 before insurance
-No coinsurance but Copay only $50-Savings almost all of it

If you don't like freestyle, you might like: meter is only $29.99 on there site and 50 test strips only $12.50. If I buy the 150 my insurance is covering right now I save 2.50 a month without prescription.