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help. we lose our health insurance at the end of the month because the company my husband works for has gone out of business and we can’t get COBRA. Every website I look at is depressing and it looks like I will have to take my son back to England and get him covered there if we can’t find an insurance provider to cover us soon. Any ideas? Are there any health care rep’s on this site? I don’t care about the cost, I just don’t want us to have to split the family until my husband gets another full time job.

Correct me if I am wrong, but since you have been covered under a plan for some period of time, I don’t think an insurance company can reject you on the basis of a pre-existing condition.

thats what i thought, but as we cannot get cobra apparently no insurance company will touch us with a ten foot barge pole.

thanks for replying - i was starting to think no one ever replied to discussions.

If your chief need for insurance is to cover your son, maybe your state’s Children’s Health Insurance Program can help. It’s worth looking into, anyway. The California program is called Healthy Families.

Good luck with your situation.

Can you tell me what they said about cobra denial. In California it is law so they really do not have a choice so I am curious there justification for denying you and who is the insurance. Outside California there are laws in many states also. I want to try to help if I can.

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I may have to go on COBRA at some point before finishing school and I’m curious about this too. My dad’s insurance may not cover me through finishing my degree. Hope you find something that works soon!

If the company itself goes out of business then you are basically out of luck. COBRA only entitles you to be on that company’s health plan, whatever it may be, as long as it has a health plan. But normally what happens when your insurance expires is that the insurance company sends you paperwork stating how long you were covered and this is what you show to the insurance company you want to buy from. With that paperwork I don’t think they can refuse to cover you based on a pre-existing condition that the first insurance company covered.

I am not sure about that Jason. I have been on COBRA twice in Cali once because I left a company and once because the company went under. Both times were the same I had to enroll within 30 days of leaving and cover the complete cost of my health insurance. The companies had nothing to do with my COBRA after I started paying they were no longer paying anything on my insurance the COBRA just had to allowed me the same plan coverage if I could pay my premiums. I am going to check though you may be right. My beautiful husband used to work in the field so he will know for sure but he is in Chicago at the moment in meetings. He was the one while we were engaged who explained my rights to me in Cali regarding COBRA.
It may have changes since then though.

btw Jason do you live in HB? I do :slight_smile:
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