, our first Home Page Sponsor!

I am very happy to announce that the folks @ (who until now offered a discount to TuDiabetes members) have become the first Home Page Sponsors in TuDiabetes!

This means:

  1. You will soon see a banner on the home page, featuring them as such, linking to their web site. I recommend you check them out, as they offer very competitive discounts for diabetes supplies. They are not yet international, but hopefully will be at some point.
  2. You will also see a new member page. This page will be set up as part of their sponsorship, so feel free to treat them as another member (and friend if you want them to be able to message you or leave them messages on their comment wall if you have any questions or suggestions for them).

Thanks very much to for joining in as a Sponsor!

I should mention too: members get 5% off on diabetes supplies (syringes, test strips, lancets, etc.) through Plus, if you order from, you will also help support, since every order placed generates a small commission for at no extra cost to you.

If you make any purchases through, to take advantage of this discount make sure to enter the promotional code 2DABETES while checking out.

Awesome, I saw discount:) I guess I should break down and buy the Food Scale I’ve been eyeing:)

Great news! Happy to support any business who supports Tu Diabetes.

HealthWarehouse has extended their commitment to be a home page sponsor! Thanks to them for their support of the Diabetes Hands Foundation.

I was reading on their member page. They now are a licensed pharmacy for the states of South Carolina, Mississippi, Rhode Island and Texas.

Please consider doing your pharmacy purchases through them if you live in any of these states (plus the other 24 that they are already a licensed pharmacy for): not only will it possibly save you money, but you will also be supporting the Diabetes Hands Foundation.