Hearing Alarms - Any Suggestions

I have some high frequency hearing loss. Alarms and beeps from the PDM are audible, but I can barely hear, if at all, beeps and alarms from the pods. Since I had an occulsion the other night, I could not hear the pod alarm. Anybody else have this problem, any solutions? I don’t believe there is any way of raising the sound level of the pod signals. Thanks.

The beeps & alarms from the pod are very soft, and I have no hearing problems at all. A couple weeks ago I was at a restaurant having dinner, and I had an occlusion and totally missed it. This wasn’t a loud restaurant and there was no music blaring - just a normal volumed restaurant.

I remember going to the rest room and hearing a noise, but it was so faint that I just assumed it was the hum of something in the restaurant.

I didn’t figure out it was my pod until I got to the car. In the enclosed space, I could hear the buzzing. But even walking over to the car, neither I nor my husband heard a thing.

My rep said that there is a vibrate feature in the new PDA, but the FDA wanted more time to clear that so they decided to wait for clearance. I think they’re trying to get the vibrate feature cleared w/ the Dexcom integration.

Interesting, I’m going to give Insulet a call tomw and see what the status of this is. Something that vibrates would certainly do the trick without making it intrusive for those who are comfortable with the current sound level. Thanks. By the way, my wife has no trouble hearing the beep from several feet away, She’s always asking if I heard that beep and of course I reply “what beep”.

Kimberly is right, I have a copy of the manual for the new PDM that got circulated before there was final approval on it. It did propose a vibrate feature, but it was taken out for some reason. Maybe it will come out in the future.

I agree and hopefully since the vibrate feature would be enabled for CGM, it will also be an option for pump alerts.

I very rarely hear Pod alarms. I’ve told Insulet that this one of there serious problem areas. I’ve been on the Pod for 4 years and I used to be able to hear them. My wife can hear them and they drive her crazy 3 rooms away. Putting vibrate into the PDM would help when I’m out, but many times the PDM is nowhere near me.

I did discuss this issue with one of the support techs at Insulet today. He was unaware of any effort to build in a vibrating alarm, however, they have received calls from users complaining about this issue. They apparently build case files on this kind of stuff and I guess they will at some point address the issue. I did ask about the smaller pod and was advised that they are waiting for final FDA approval - shooting for early 2010. The smaller pod will work with both of the existing PDM models.
The support tech was very helpful on several other issues of concern So far they have come through in a very professional manner.