Heart arrhythmia - suggestions?

Quick history - sudden onset irregular heartbeats 1&1/2 yrs ago, wound up with stent placement. Episodes of premature ventricular contractions with visits to ER, now experiencing premature atrial contractions again with trip to ER. Feeling fatigued, challenging to get cardiologist to listen (trying to find second opinion). Stopped taking Lipitor as appeared to worsen irregular heartbeats. Anyone out there dealing with cardiac complications and have suggestions? (type 1 for 52+ yrs, active, walk 4 mile daily when fatigue/heart issues don’t stop me) Thanks!

I don’t know what’s causing your arrhythmia, but I would start taking vitamin c and lysine. Look up the Linus Pauling Institute which gives suggestions for doses. My mom had some sort of problem that sounds similar to yours and the vitamin c and lysine resolved it.

Are you on a beta blocker? Unfortunately most cardiologists are stuck on medication and invasive procedures as the only treatment options. Look for an integrative medicine doctor who specializes in functional medicine for another opinion and look into taking CoQ10, L-carnitine, D-ribose, and magnesium.

Joel Fuhrman should be required reading if you have heart disease…

this is good too…

Thanks! Had not heard about lysine, already try to take adequate amounts of vitamin c Will research this for sure!

Yes of course they have me on a beta blocker. I have been looking for a more holistic approach and have sent questions to a couple of potential locations. I do take CoQ10 but not your other suggestions so I will research those options also. And thank you for the recommended reads - another source I was not aware of.

I had pvc’s - likely about 50 a day that I noticed - many more likely. I started taking a calcium magnesium vitamin d combination and they’re gone completely. I am amazed.