Heat & Strips


What specific effects does HEAT have on strips (ie their readings)? Anybody ever talk to their manufacturer(s) and get a sense of what a particular temp. would cause to a reading???

Higher/lower temps respectively (I would think) would do more dramatic things I would imagine… but thought I would ask those with a more scientific curiousity or those who might have asked this here/elsewhere before me!


Leaving your meter or strips in a hot car can cause very innaccurate readings and possibly ruin the strips permanent. I am not sure what the exact parameters are, but I have had this happen.

NEVER leave strips, meter, or insulin in your car. Summer they cook, winter they freeze.

Hello Jenny:

Silly, we KNOW all that (assume its happened to all of us at some point)… I was asking the next level of the question(s). eg Specifically WHAT do those particular/specific conditions do TO the readings themselves.

A consistant environment (consistant heat/cold) surely has a direct “causal” effect?! Its hot so that distorts the reading by X percent…