Heavy (for me) exercise

This weekend is our first Jack Russell Terrier trial of the season, Sat and Sun. The last was in October, I didn’t have my pump or dex then and just SWAG’d everything.

I’ll be on my feet walking or running or carrying dogs or… for a good 6 hours or more. Waaaaaaaay more than I’m used to. I plan to eat a large, mostly protein breakfast, and something with some carbs when I arrive (an hour after bfst maybe?). I’ll have my dexcom taped to my nose all day so I can monitor. Plan on bringing peanut butter and honey to treat lows, and my bag of skittles. Mostly protein again for lunch, depending on where I am then. A small snack every hour or so? I’d really like to avert the lows I anticipate, but gotta say I’m somewhat nervous about the whole thing.

Maybe I should lower my basals?

I’ll be doing this many weekends this summer, so really want to get a system in place ASAP. Any input welcomed ;).

I’d lower my basal ~25%. Highs are not as much of an issue as lows, so you can figure out what to do slowly over the summer. for me, though, you’ve got a lot of food planned. If that’s normal for you, then lower your basal, if you are planning on eating extra, don’t lower your basal.
Have fun at the JRT trials - are you racing?

I don’t usually eat nearly that much, usually around 40 cho a day, but want to be prepared. 25% sounds reasonable, I’ll give it a shot.

Yes, we race, do go-to-ground, lure coursing, rat hunt… the works. My girls are mid-atlantic racing champs, and my boy is a gtg champ. Can’t wait!

I would lower my basals. The amount, how much, might be a bit dicey but perhaps as much as 50-75%? How big are you? is carrying a dog a big load? My dog (bichon-poodle) is about 10 lbs and extremely cuddly so I can carry her all day if I have to. Also, do you have to run with the dogs, like agility trials?

Carrying a Jack Russell that wants to get in the racing box or to the next event is like carrying a squirming, shouting 3 year old. Mine are between 10-15 lbs, but you’d never know it at a trial. Home is a different story. Gonna tape down my tubing really well too!

I’m a little over 5’6", around 160. Some extra padding, not a whole lot though. I no longer run agility, probably a good thing, so the running is limited to the 250’ race track. Drop them in the box to start, run to the end to collect them. Some sitting in between, then in the afternoon loads of walking JRTs who can’t wait to get where we’re going :wink: I think I’ll lower my basal when I arrive - there’s almost an hour before the fun starts. Maybe 25% to start, then if I’m running low a coupla hours later go to 50? Bringing plenty of food for corrections. The goal is to not break into the honey LOL

Well, it went really well, all my concerns were for nothing given the REALLY careful attention I paid to my CGM. I ended up not lowering my basal at all, had a good high protein breakfast and TAGed my first meal for lunch. Oh… we all had a blast too :slight_smile: Can’t wait till tomorrow!

Thanks for all the help.