Heel spurs? Anyone?

Searched the site for discussions on the title; found only a rather abbreviated one at http://www.tudiabetes.org/profiles/blog/show?id=583967%3ABlogPost%3A251914&commentId=583967%3AComment%3A253710, so thought I'd revisit the topic.

Anyone on this board had any experience with heel spurs, and if so, what treatment options were you given or did you take? It seems absurd that the wealth of available medical technology would require cutting and grinding, rather than laser to crush the spur (don't they break up gallstones with lasers?).

Referencing the linked discussion and Judith in Portland's contribution, it's true that pain is so consuming. I want to find some solution other than cutting, if possible, and get back some semblance of energy. That, plus not walking for up to four weeks because of surgery is unthinkable...