Hello, another new one here

Hi all,
I was gestational diabetic a couple of years ago. That is how I received my glucometer:) I was told to see a dr when I finished nursing my 11.5 lbs baby boy:D LOL! Nope!
no more medical insurance; so I’ve been doing it on my own.
I’m defiantly diabetic! I test as often as I can afford so that I can tell when I eat something new or even same old foods but different recipe. I can even see a small difference when I do this. I’m learning as much as I can in preperation for the day I can no longer afford the test strips. ( sigh… that is going to happen sooner than I would like.)
Dis ease and finances never make a great pair!
I found you all today as I was searching to find the million dollar answer to the question "How many carbs should a dibetic eat?"
For me? I try to eat my carbs as a veggie. I cheat more than I would like to admit… I either step on my little stepper or walk in good weather.
I’m still in need of getting rid of about 50 more pounds. (I’m down from 250 to 182 lbs… so I have a way to go.)
Glad I found you and hope to make new friends here!

Welcome! I love this place I can gripe and learn at the sametime. I’n pretty good at griping though. Flustration runs amuck! I know how you feel about supplies running out. Have you tried Medicade? That might help you.


Hi, nice to “meet” you! I hope you can get some insurance, that’s pretty scary!

Hey Thankyou Doris:)
We make just enough money to not qualify for me or my hubby; just the kids. We had been getting some food stamps; but recently had to requalify. We might lose that too; I just dont know yet. We’re going thru alot of other financial mess too. sigh… It’s alot of emotional and mental health mess. I could write a “lifestory” only it would look more like a soap tv show. Yuck!

Hi Alison! Nice to “meet” you too:)
umm… insurance? I"m more than a bit of a scaredy cat about that and seeing a dr. I’ve read so many not reassuring things about the medicine out there for diabetes.
I know that for me; any medication would have to be so carefully tracked. ( with my family history and what I’ve been able to figure out. heart problems, cancer, diabetes,alzehiemer I cant believe everything that just my personal family members have died from!
:slight_smile: See ya round:)

Hi MedowLark,

I know how you feel when going through all the financial stuff We’re doing that too. It can get really depressing. I hope you guys get to keep on getting the foodstamps. when we got them they helped to keep food in the house. Keep on holding your head up it has to get better. Or atleaet thats the way I look at it. Hey and at least your kids have insurance that’s a great help they can really cost money when their sick. I know mine did!


Welcome! I enjoy coming here and reading & learning all I can about diabetes. I was diagnosed in Feb. with type 2. We have very good insurance through my husband’s work plus I’m already on medicare from previous diseases, so that’s not a problem for me… reglular finaces is a painful problem, though! Seems we make barely enough to pay bills/buy groceries/gas… never nothing extra! But, I feel thankful we do as well as we do!
Just hang in there and read & learn all you can to help yourself! There’s lots of info out there, and there’s lots of great people in the same shape that are there to talk to!

HI, Meadowlark,
Welcome! I’m a newbie too and this place has given me answers to a lot of my questions. How is it going with figuring out how many carbs to eat? My experience is that a very low carb diet is the best way for me to keep my blood sugar in a normal range. I eat lots of small meals or snacks rather than having 3 big meals and that helps also. Congratulations on your weight loss. You have a beautiful family.