Hello everyone I am back and hopefully I can be a valuable contributor here

hello my name is Rudy Sims I do not have diabetes I actually have cerebral palsy and I am in a wheelchair however my family is heavily affected by diabetes I run a social network for people with disabilities it is a small but growing community now gained well over 30 members in the last week I am very active on my social network


and I hope to be a very active member here as well

Welcome back Rudy! Thanks for the link.

hello how are you? Thank you for the comment and welcome back :slight_smile: have a great day

Rudy… looking at this reminds me… I saw a fellow at one of the nearby bicycle shops wearing a T-shirt for what grew out of the “Walking and Wheeling” event over at the Matheny School (we used to do amateur-radio communications for the event). Not sure how many people w/ CP go to that event who are not also students there, but I remember it being a fun day with lots of events (and of course the campus is wheelchair friendly)…

thanks so much for the comments I really appreciate it.:slight_smile:

tmana your comment reminds me of the fact that I went to Ramapo College in New Jersey they had a fully accessible campus. It was a great experience.

have a great day :slight_smile:
Rudy Sims