Hello everyone. Thanks for the warm welcome!

I would appreciate some personal user feedback on Insulin Pump brands, Now that the warranty on my Animas is soon to expire and I have to decide to stick with One-Touch or try one of the new competitor pump brands.
Opinions anyone?


Dave the good news is you cannot pick a bad one. I like my Medtronic, others have their personal favorite. I suggest you follow the lead of your doctor and choose the one that is used mos tin their practice. Again I jut don't think you can select a bad one. I like Medtornic because it works well, I love the customer service and i do enjoy the integrated CGM, two things on my belt is just something I woudl like to do.

If I found a pump that integrated the Dexcom I woudl look seriously at it. By all accounts the Dexcom is a better sensor but as I say I think the Enlite form Medtornic is wonderful. That is just me.........................rick

I love my Medtronic Minimed 723. They even sent me a new Bayer Contour Next glucometer along with it. This meter communicates the BG number to the pump so that, if I take a bolus soon after, it is already in there and it even lets you know if you are higher or lower than your ranges. (And I have been a loyal fan of the AccuChek Advantage Plus meter for years and years.) The pump, however, does go through a AAA battery every week or so but at least they are not the expensive “button” batteries of old!