Hello Everyone

I have the smoke grey minimed 722 pump. i hate the colour of my pump. i wish i could trade someone for their clear, blue, or purple pump. Anyone have any leads on who may be interested?

You cannot just trade a pump with someone. The warranty on that pump and it’s prescription is ONLY for you. You can decorate the minimed pump with skins. Check their website for the different decorating skins that they have.

Here’s the link.

And Landi is right. The serial number is under warranty to you and you would void your warranty by trading. I have had gray, blue, and now a black pump. As soon as I got my black pump this summer, I knew I wished I had gotten a green one…but I will just change colors when my warranty is up in 2012.

I use the skins from MiniMed on my 722. Mine is clear and I get tired of it so I just go on the site and order them.

How long have you had the pump? Did you choose the color or did they just send you the smoke? When I got my 715 they asked me what color I wanted and I chose blue. When I got the 722 this year they asked again and I got purple this time. If they sent you a pump without asking your preference and it hasn’t been too long, maybe you could convince them to switch it. I doubt it, though! Even if your pump breaks and has to be sent back they’ll send the replacement in the same color as your original pump only. No switching allowed.

Yeah they just sent me the smoke one. I wanted clear. They won’t switch it since I have had it since it came out basically. I am waiting now until my warranty is up in April to get a new one. My doc wanted me to have the 522 but they sent the 722 saying that is what the script said…I’ve dealt with the larger pump/res but not for much longer. When I got this one however I did have to pay nearly the whole cost of the pump. Hoping to get a better deal this next time around.

Turns out I don’t need to wait. I will be getting a purple 7 series asap! Finally talked someone into changing my colour!

Yay! Good for you :slight_smile: I’m happy for you

thanks. it only took three years! minimed said the script didn’t include a colour so they defaulted me with the smoke. it was only after my digging up the script and faxing it to a million and one people did they finally cave and admit their wrongdoing of designating me the wrong colour. shows ya what a little elbow grease can get ya!

i am thankful for one thing tho…the pumps tell you when you last did a site change…without that i’d be a mess…i forget so easily because i almost forget i have the pump some days.

Grats. Small victories are important for us!

thanks. i don’t understand why this country wishes for us to be healthier to cut back on healthcare costs yet these same yahoos won’t make diabetes more affordable to live with. explain to me what in the heck costs one hundred smackaroos to manufacture a hundred
test strips…i highly doubt it costs that much, syringes are the cheapest, insulin is expensive, and pumps holy hay…not to mention the glucagon, glucotabs, lancets, metres, infusion sets, reservoirs, tegaderms, alcohol wipes, and other supplies necessary to facilitate our lives. who knew life support could amount to thousands of dollars per year for something that should cost a few hundred if that.

you can buy skins for the pumps and there are some cool ones…you go onto minimed.com and go to store and log in and then it’s under pump accessories…under skins…check them out

I have a purple 722 , I like the purple but wanted a change so I ordered one of the skins last week, it is the
blue one with white flowers. I like it alot.

Ali, I am glad that they are changing your color. you can now join the purple place.

I will join the purple palace! I love the purple in the pictures but it looks almost like black…am I imagining this or is it lighter in person? Yeah and I am going back to the 712 model. I cannot use the 722’s sensor feature, which is originally why I upgraded to begin with…i have too little “flesh” to support the readings, tried every last inch of me and there was only a three inch radius on each “love handle” in which to place it…not nice for rotation…ouch! so I’m happy with the 712…but next year around september I will be eligible for a new pump…my insuance co. said so! apparently this pump is on my "old’ plan and my new plan will cover one in ten months. I will be going with a 522 just for the updated software b/c i don’t need the large res…another medtronic mess up…i was supposed to get a 5 and they shipped a 7…didn’t make a big deal out of it at first because i just ate more to use more…but the eating more isn’t a good thing.

so yeah. cheers, cheerio, later, namaste, goede nacht.

One pic of my purple 722 and two with the new skin

You don’t have to change your reservoir as often as you change your infusion set. If you find you’re wasting insulin because you have the larger reservoir model, either fill each reservoir with less (I used to fill them about halfway - 180u or so) or change the reservoir less frequently (but I wouldn’t go over a week).