Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone!!

Well… I’m very new to tudiabetes… so pardon me if I do post this in the wrong place

So a little bit about myself here… I’m Hannah from Malaysia (the country in between Singapore and Thailand :slight_smile: )… Dx initially as a T1 (told verbally by doc) in Oct 08, but re-dx to T2 after I responded well to oral meds

Nice to meet everyone here and hope I can be of help to all as well :slight_smile:

Hello Hannah. :slight_smile: Welcome to TuDiabetes. We’re Happy that you are joining us here. I hope that you enjoy your stay with us. Feel free to ask questions, add posts/comments or start discussions.

Hello Hannah. Happy to see you here! Welcome to the family! All help, ideas, suggestions, experiences shared are all welcome here.

Thanks for the welcome!! Looks like a great place here!!! Still have to learn how to navigate around though :slight_smile:

Hello, Hannah…I hope you are doing well.

Hello Hannah! Welcome to the site. Come on in a sit a spell, peruse the discussions and ask any questions, start new discussions, and just enjoy your new famliy. :slight_smile:

Hi Hannah! Glad to have you here. I have been to Malaysia. Beautiful country. When I was there it was way to hot for me. I don’t do well in that heat and humidity. LOL!

LOL! I guess i’m pretty much used to it!

Glad you liked it here… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome Denise!! I’ll definitely explore this place

Thanks for the welcome Elaine!

I hope you’re doing well too!