Hello friends

Hi everyone as some of you know me and others I haven’t had the pleasures of getting to know I am Osob type 1 diabetic for 28years, got diagnosed at the age of two years old.

3years ago September I gave birth to my precious baby girl Nura and I am delighted to announce in March 2015 we are expecting our second baby, time is going so fast and as my husband says I am getting round as my little bump is starting to take shape.
I can feel the baby moving and have been working really closely with my diabetic team to get my diabetes in the best control in the hope of everything being ok with the newbie.
I have decided to keep the gender of the baby a surprise as I don’t really mind what it is either way.

Just wanted to share my good news with everyone and send my best wishes.

Osob xxx

Hi Osob. Congratulations to you and your husband, and to Nura as well. My best wishes to you all! With your dedication, no doubt everything will be more than ok with your new little one.

i remember welcoming you to this lovely place
so nice to hear from you again

Thank you @Trudy and Shoshana27 I am determined but anything could happen with pregnancies. Xxx


:slight_smile: Wonderful News Osab ,Congrats to you and your sweet family ! :slight_smile:

Osob I meant to spell ,where is my coffee ? ha :)

What wonderful news! Congrats, Osob!

such wonderful news! I have many fond memories of your sharing your wedding traditions with us years ago, and so much more. wishing you a beautiful baby, and kisses to Nura too.


Thank you guys. Slowly moving towards baby coming. So exciting can’t wait for the new year!!!