Hello Lucky Dexcom Users!

You knpw how there are people today who would die for an ipad or an iphone 7…well I feel like this about the dexcom 7!Only Problem is I live in Ireland and its not available here.:frowning: I have become consumed about the dexcom as I really believe its the key to me feelig in control of my diabetes.You see one of my main problems/implications to gaining good control is an intense fear of hypos.My hba1c is 7.5% but I go hypo about 5 times a week and I almost always overtreat my hypo because I am terified of passing out.I test my blood sugars twenty times a day just incase I dont feel the low(which happens a lot).I know thw mimimed guardian is available in Ireland but I hear it isn’t very accurate and I need something that I can trust in.Please if anyone knows can you tell me if I could get a dexcom?I presume I should go to the uk rather than the us as the measurements are different.Also how much would I have to pay?Would I have to get a perscription from a uk doctor or would a persription rom my irish doctor suffice?Also how accurate is the dexcom…keeping in mind that I fear hypos does it always alert you in time?xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi, I have no idea about how you might get hold of a Dexcom, but on the question about alerting about hypo’s in time, I will just give you my opinion that all that the Dexcom can do is give you an early indication (via the single or double down arrow) that your blood sugar is dropping. Seeing that decline you can treat it. But in all likelihood if you see a down arrow or double down arrow, your actual blood sugars will be (significantly) lower than what is indicated on the Dex. It won’t catch up in time.

That being said, the fact that blood sugar trends (over a one-hour or three-hour basis) are viewable is a great help to me.

Good luck.

I share your wish for Dexcom–like a toy on Xmas. I have no idea how/when Dexcom will be available in Ireland and I agree that Dexcom seems to work better than MM for most people. But, there are people that can get great results from MM, so would it be worth a trial to you? at least until Dexcom is available?

Re catching lows, if you are not falling too fast like when exercising, Dex can alert you in time. I would not count on it too much if you are being really active.

My Dex helps me avoid lows. I have an alert set to go off when I drop below 90 mg/dl. My Certified Diabetes Educator recommended a relatively high value, because I will probably already be at 70 and can take action before I go dangerously low. There is also an alert that you cannot turn off that sounds at 55 mg/dl.


  1. check the www.dexcom.com website for EU contact info and explore there.
  2. I tried 5 MM sensors
    a) 5 of 5 failed filling with blood on insertion
    b) the needle to insert is VERY LARGE - about the same size as the holes in a capital letter B on a standard computer keyboard.
  3. Explore the regulatory approval process. Dexcom may already be in the approval process in Ireland - or EU approval may be all that is needed. It may be approved but not marketed. Explore this path also.

Thank you so much!Please keep the comments coming I’m not giving up on this!

I love my dexcom and it has prevented many lows, as well as kept many highs from happening. If you are being active, or are moving alot, you may go low and not even know it. This has happend to me twice while skiing. Dexcom was in my pocket, but the constant moving/jumping/turning, etc… kept me from feeling the vibration, or hearing the warning tones. Just something to think about. Other than this It has done it’s job well. Could you just buy a dexcom out of pocket? I don’t see why it would matter where your from if you buy it like this. Call them and find out. Good luck!!!

Just found this with a date of 1 October 2009. I was thinking an EU CE mark was good for Ireland. Is Ireland part of the EU?

SAN DIEGO – DexCom, Inc. (NASDAQ: DXCM) today announced that it has received CE Mark (Conformite Europeene) approval for the SEVEN([R]) PLUS continuous glucose monitoring system, enabling commercialization of the system in the European Union and the countries in Asia and Latin America that recognize the CE Mark… Again this was dated 1 October 2009.

advanced therapeutics http://www.advancedtherapeuticsuk.com/
distribute the dexcom in the uk. not sure if they can supply them to ireland but worth giving them a call to check.

it costs £1075 for the transmitter and the receiver and then the sensors are about £250 for 4 i think. the transmitter costs £500 to replace. you can try it out on a 14 day trial though…

it’s definitely not 100% accurate - not sure if that’s partly due to the time lag - so you always need to double check with blood glucose tests but i find it useful for identifying trends, especially to see how high my BS is rising or falling. good luck!

you do not need a prescription to get a CGMS in the UK. You also do not need on in Israel. The Navigator is a much better unit for my body, and it is available in both countries. The DEX is a much more user friendly system, but I found it so inaccurate ( in my case, I know it works very well for some), that it is now in a drawer, even though insurance will cover it, and I paid CASH for the Navigator (
@ $2,000 USA, including delivery, because I can rely on its readings, and the early warning it gives. Dex does not give predictive warning, and does not allow the increments for setting. Be sure to download the manuals on both units, the ADA web forum has lots of posts on both units, particularly if you go into the old type1 archives.

Here is the Dex international link
and Navigator: