Does anyone have the answers to diabetes as there seems to be a lot of confusing advice out there,holistic have to look that one up traditional medicine miracle cures magical fruits you name it I have read about it is gout caused by diabetes as I suddenly seem well know I have it and by great balls of fire is it painful YES very,blood sugars this morning 11.2 how can that be does the gout contribute to the sugar level maybe the pills I am taking for it might be the cause, you need to be a rocket scientist to fathom out diabetes,looked up holistic more confused than before,over the years I have seen lots of doctors some with sound advice like if you do not get it under control the consequences are dire telling me that woke me up some of us plod along taking the insulin victoza and other drugs fingers crossed hoping it will all come right in the end and saying the end I mean a long long time in the future one doctor told me the diabetes will probably not kill you but but it will act as a catalyst for something else nice at least had something to think about for the rest of the day after leaving his surgery.

I suppose if I only had and I say only had not meaning to decry the condition in any way then perhaps I could channel all my energy into dealing with it by the way say hello to Raffles that is my name for it,but having to deal with heart failure gout prostrate you can never tell which is making you poorly at any one time,that is the medical side of my problem/s then you have the psychological impact to deal with the depression which came about I thing came about at the time of the heart attack,the guilt I felt still being her after the surgeon told me you were extremely lucky most people do not survive this massive a heart attack thanks pal if I was not fragile enough I was after that,fragile in a mind sort of way not physical maybe both who knows,since having diabetes gout cam along prostrate came too and arthritis so at least Raffles has something else to compete with in the battle to knock me for 6 every day cricketing term.
But having so much wrong at one time does wear you out in body mind and soul,knocked one of my big toes up nail all black no idea when I did that but painful what’s next smudge sleeping Angel at work me contemplating becoming a Buddhist Monk