Hello to everyone

Hi everybody, I should take a minute to introduce myself.
My first name is Lloyd, my user name is Grimlok, (I love the old Autobots) I have had Diabetes for 46 years, I have a heart condition, and various other Diabetic related issues. By trade and training I am a nurse. This is my first forum in a long time. I look forward to talking to everyone I can and sharing thoughts and ideas.


Hi Loyd. Welcome!! I’ve had diabetes for 36 years.

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Lloyd, I’m Robert. Make yourself at home.

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Welcome Lloyd! I’ve had diabetes a bit less than 5 years and have found this forum to be quite a good place for support, ideas and information! I learn new things every day here.

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Hi Grimlok, welcome. I have 52 years type 1, and there are some members here with more years. And many newbies and everywhere in between. We all learn from each other.
Did being a nurse make it easier for you ?

When I was young, my friends told me I should be a nurse because I already knew how to give shots by age 7. But I chose otherwise.


Hello Lloyd and welcome. I’m a relative newbie, diagnosed T1 a little over 2 years ago at the age of 54.


P.S. - Happy Birthday Jim26 :cake:


Hi Lloyd, welcome to the community. This September will be 50 years for me. I have retinopathy and kidney issues. My husband and I live in far northwest NJ, next to Kittatinny Mountain. I see your user card says you live in Canada. We have lots of great members from Canada.

Let me know if you have any questions here or are looking for anything special. I’ve been here for 9 years.


Hello Lloyd!
My name is Mariana. I’ve lived with type 1 diabetes for 31 years. I am a psychologist and Diabetes Educator at my country Mexico. Welcome to the community :wink:

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Oh yes, forgot to mention. i´ve been here since almost day 1 :wink: (10 years ago)

Hi Grimlok. I’m Dave, T1 for 19 years. Diagnosed at age 50.

Welcome, Lloyd – @Grimlok! I spent a long time just reading before I ever posted here. Maybe you’ve already been doing that. There’s lots of good information in our archives. To search our site, just click on magnifying glass symbol: Explore a little bit, it will help you get a feel for this place. Quetsions welcome. I’ve been T1D for 33 years, a lot fewer than many here since I was diagnosed as an adult. Been on insulin from day one.

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Hi Lloyd,
Welcome I am Osob type 1 for 30years.
Mother to two girls.
Love to write it’s my way of dealing with diabetes.


Welcome Lloyd! And so glad you joined our community. I also “lurked” for longer than I probably should have. We have a great group that will help and I didn’t ask soon enough, I think. But keep in mind after 46 years, I still am asking questions. So ask away!

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Hey everyone, thanks for the greetings. It is nice to have a warm welcome. Sorry for the late response, I just got back in after losing my password. I hope to contribute and learn from this site.


Hey everyone!!! I am Andrew 18 years old and type 1 diabetes the last two years. I want to tell you that two months ago I had a bone marrow transplant without immunosuppressive drugs and I am currently without insulin and with normal blood glucose. My analyzes are normal and the doctors say that my evolution is very good!

Andrew - best of luck. How long has it been since the transplant? In the past it has lasted around 4 years. It would be awesome if you do much better. I would check my BG regularly and if something looks different get the Libre and do an AGP for a month.

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Hi Andrew !

Good luck, @Andrew24! Please keep us posted.