Hi everyone I am new at doing the blog thing but I am going to finally give it a try. Well I just got into see my new family doctor today and I like him so does my partner she got to see him for the first time last week. This guy really wants to get a base line for a lot of things so he will notice if anything chagnes in the future. He is glad that I am going to a specialist for my diabetes and he wants to work with the specialist to make sure my diabetes is under control becasue he said other things in my health can play a factor in it that he is caring for that the other doctor should know. This has made me feel so much better. Unlike my old family doctor who did not want to hlep me at all to understand how to take care of my diabetes other than by medication this doctor seems to care. My old doctor thought that because my grandparents on both sides had diabetes I already knew what I had to do well the kind of treatment that my grandparents had to do back then and what they do to treat diabetes now is two totally diffrent things pluse I was young and really did not know what they had to do other than take there medician and not have anything with sugar back then.