This is my first blog here,

abit about myself

My name is Martina and i am a Type 2 Diabetic that is on Lantus insulin (90 units) and 80mg of Gliclazide twice a day. I was Dx with diabetic July 15 2005. i am still learning everything, i also have other medical conditions too such as OSA (sleep Apnea), enlarge Kidneys, Enlarge spleen, GED, Mood disorder and much more.

I am here to learn from everyone how to better deal with my diabetes.

Welcome Martina! There are plenty of good people and stories here. Feel free to ask questions and look around our forums and discussions.

Thanks for the welcome Scott

Welcome Martina. I am also a T2 and it seems we both were diagnosed with Diabetes about the same time.

Thanks Kathy what meds are you on for your diabetes?

Hello there Martina. Welcome to the family! Im also type 2. Happy to see you here.

Welcome. You will get plenty of support here! glad you are here!