Hi Everyone !
I was recently diagnosed as Type 1.5.
My fbg ranges between 80 and 95. After meals it ranges between 130 to 140 at 90 min.
I have been trying low carb diet to keep my numbers in check. The most recent a1c was 4.9 in June.

My endo didn't want to start me on insulin yet as my numbers looked okay. However I insisted that I was eating very less and I want to eat little better as I was feeling weal all the time.

My question is why do I feel tired and fatigued all the time. My numbers are not horrible. Is it due to somewhat low carb intake. I do exercise as well.

The other question is I wanted to know how to start injecting homolog .

My doctor suggested that pre meal needs to be 150. My pre meal is 80 -100. Should I eat some carbs at the start of meal to bring it up?
Like eating half a apple or banana.

I want to start out with 1 unit initially and see how it works.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Rahul: I tried low carb for a while and also found myself to be weak, tired, and hungry all the time. I now go with lower carb, not low carb, and feel good.

Can you get an experienced CDE (Certified Diabetes Educator) to help you learn carb counting and bolusing? Personally I think that is a better idea than just trying a unit to see how it works. Also, I highly recommend "Think Like a Pancreas" as a good book. Finally, I have some tips for the newly diagnosed in this blog that you might find useful. Welcome to TuDiabetes! Glad you are here.

The tired and fatigue feeling could definitely be from a lower carb intake. 80-100 is a great number, I don't think you should have to eat a a low amount of carbs. You know, don't over do it but I would not do a low carb diet either. 4.9 is an excellent A1c

Thanks Melitta and Mac
My fbg in dec'13 used to be 160 a1c was 7.1.
I eat around 100 gm carb and do some walking and light weights to keep bgs in check.
The numbers go up as soon as I eat more carbs.
I did meet with the nurse and dietician and they also want me to start bolusing at 150 pre meal. I wanted others thoughts on it. I am lads so at some point I will be fully insulin dependent but don't want to increase my bg first to decrease my bg. :-)


Sounds like you're doing pretty good! Ive been insulin dependent for about 12 years now and i take B12 vitamins that help with the fatigue since i am on a low carb diet. The b12 vitamins won't effect your blood sugar and they help with the fatigue.

Have you had bloodwork done to rule out a different problem (thyroid, anemia, etc)? Not everything has to be D-related.

Hi Rahul, In regards to the 150 bg level before eating. I don't think you should raise your bg to eat, just eat at 80-100 which is a perfect reading to start at, then your bg can rise a bit from the food without going too high hopefully. I'm not sure why they would tell you to do that. Starting with 1 unit is a good idea and there are permanent pens such as the novopen junior and novopen echo(for novolog) which have half unit doses as well, or you can use syringes. I think humalog may have a half unit dose permanent pen available as well. If not, you can saw open the humalog flexpen with a steak knife and remove the insulin cartridge and put into the novo pen echo. You do need to get the orange cap from somewhere to put on the end of the insulin cartridge which I get from my novolog penfills. I do that for my levemir.

I forgot to add, I'm wondering if because you still have insulin production, that is why they would tell you to start at 150? It still doesn't make sense to me though. So carefully test out your ratio of carbs to one unit of insulin and try that. Of course, ask your doctor about this first because you don't want to go hypo, one unit with enough carbs probably won't have that effect though.

Thanks Mac, Eucritaa, roodgirl and mere for your comments.
@Mac, I am taking daily B Complex for last 5 months. I also get those tested couple of months ago and they were normal.

@Eucritta, I can try adding some more carbs.

@roodgirl, I was tested for thyroid and it was okay. I am not sure I was tested for Iron levels though ( anemia). I would get that done.

@meee, Thanks for your detailed email. I have some production of insulin and my numbers do come down on its own after 2-3 hrs. But my 1 phase response is not all that gr8.

Thanks again everyone,