I joined TuDiabetes a few weeks ago and am just now getting around to introducing myself. I have had type 1 for almost 27 years now and until recently had very few other health problems. But last year was one of the worst years of my life and I was hospitalized 9 times - anywhere from 4 o 16 days each time! It is embarrassing to admit and my health is still suffering. Until a few years ago, I was very active and even trained for and ran 3 marathons with Team in Training with my last marathon time just over 4 hours. Now it takes all my energy to walk around the block. I feel like an old lady and cannot do many of the things I want to do because of it.

I went through some tough times over the past few years and neglected my health and diabetes. My blood sugars went through the roof and I am no longer able to recover from a high the way I once could. My health declined and I continued to ignore my diabetes and blood sugars.

I am now working very hard to get my blood sugars back under control and to become active again. I joined tudiabetes because I need support and really want to connect with other type 1s! It is hard to get back into the habit of testing multiple times every day and it is very hard to get back to exercising when I used to be able to easily go out and run 5 miles and now it is a struggle to walk for 15 minutes! I am working closely with my doctor and he has told me I am okay to exercise so now I just need support!

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Welcome! We’re all in a marathon here. No sprints. You’ll find lots of friends. Working the blood sugar down slowly is a pain , but it is so worthwhile. Take heart! You’ll find a lot of suggestions here and you’ll be active again without complications. They do reverse.

Welcome! I’ve been there and can relate. I went back on the pump this past year in an effort to get better control. I wasn’t hospitalized to the extent you were, but had some close calls. Now dealing with non-proflif retinopathy, which is really scary (but thankfully treatable!) And a lot of “complications” that may develop during times of poor control can reverse themselves, so do whatever you can to keep yourself healthy.

One thing that has helped me a lot is going back on the pump. It’s not just the more accurate delivery of insulin, but the fact that because I log everything via the pump, it has made me more accountable and better at keeping track of things (which my endo is loving).

With regard to activity, I have spent most of my adult life being very active, but have been sidelined a few times because of D. What has helped me is to build up slowly. You don’t just go out and run 26.2 miles after having not run at all, right? You train slowly, and build up your endurance. Same is true for any exercise. Think of it as a project…that your life depends on :slight_smile:

I assure you, YOU CAN DO IT!

Hi, Sherry. I’m sorry you’ve had such a difficult year. But you’ve taken the initiative to improve things (and with work they WILL improve!) Tu Diabetes is a great DOC (Diabetes Online Community); you’ll find lots of friends and empathy here, and advice if you want it.

Tell us a little more: do you use multiple daily injections or an insulin pump to control your glucose?


Welcome, Sherry. You’ve come to a great place for information and support. Congratulations on your work to get control of your diabetes. I was diagnosed later in life and am very grateful for that fact because when I was younger I would have made a really bad mess of it! Don’t be shy about asking any questions. TuD is amazing and I’ve learned most of what I now use for my management on here. I also have a Type 1 Women’s Group that I love and if you can find anything like that in your area, I highly recommend it!

Sherry, if support is what you are looking for you have come to the right place. The caring which the people here show is remarkable. Feeling a little down, there is always someone here who can tell a story that you can relate to and have it brighten your day. Going through some trials, there is someone here who has been through it and will help you understand yourself and how your body is responding. Need a hug, I think the people here could provide that too.

This site is world class and we are all glad that you are here and would be honored to help you. All you need to do is let us know.

Hi Sherry! It sounds like you’re doing the right things and getting back on track. If it took a year to “fall off the wagon”, so to speak, it may take the same amount of to get back on. It takes time, and just like strength/endurance training, the results don’t happen overnight. If anything’s going on that you can’t quite explain, and don’t have the courage to share with your docs (I know there are things I’m not comfortable telling them), please ask them here. Someone is bound to help. Good luck!

WELCOME!!! Not to worry your here now! Speaking from a Type 1 point of view it does get the better of you at times huh??? I hate to admit it but I kinda got like you there for awhile. But this site helped bring me back to where I needed to be. I’ve been a Type 1 for 38 years (as soon as the 10th of August gets here) Glad to have you here with us!!!

Thank you all for your replies! It really helps to hear from others that can understand how hard it is to deal with this disease at times. People around me mean well but they just can’t understand how it can be so tough. They figure I have been doing this most of my life so it shouldn’t be difficult anymore! I am looking forward to telling m story and learning more about everyone else too. I am lucky that although I had to deal with some short term complications, they are all reversible and I have not developed any long term complications. I know that you all say that people on this site are not judgemental but I am very ashamed at the abuse I have put my body through and hope that remains true as I tell my story! To answer an earlier question,I am on MDI with novolog pens at meals and levemir for my basal. I lost almost all of my muscle when I was sick last year and am slowly trying to gain muscle through light weight lifting, walking, and swimming. I desperately want to run again and also become a much stronger swimmer. Being able to exersice again is one of my greatest motivators!