Help? About messaging Friends


Hi All, I’m having a slight problem and dont know how to solve it. I’m trying to send messages to my “Friends” Only, the thing keeps saying that these people are not my friends. I’m flustered. sigh…



I really don’t know what to tell you. Me and this computer have a love-hate relationship. I still think the thing thinks it’s smarter than me! You maybe having the same trouble with your computer today! HA!



I had the same thing happen yesterday, made me feel sad since it kept saying so and so isn’t my friend!


Me too! I tried to send a couple of messages and I was told they weren’t my friend so I went on their page and double checked. I would send a message to Manny about it but I can’t because it says he isn’t my friend. Sigh…


I am having troubles, I only have one friend.
The computer won’t let me ask for friends, nor approve the people who have asked to be my friends.
Beth tried to hlep me by describing and even showing me a photo of a mail icon and a friend icon. Neiter of those show up a tthe top of the pafe for me nor anywhere else.
So how did I even get one friend?
I also can’t add you as a friend as the computer wont let me click onthe "Add as friend link underneath your name."
I guess I am destined to have only one friend on this site.


It just came to my mind to report this as an “issue” that we’re having a problem with.
Since there are a few of us having this problem. :slight_smile:
Hopefully we’ll see it fixed soon:)
Hang in there and we’ll be back to adding and contacting friends again. I know Manny will look after us:)


Are you still experiencing this? There was a problem happening until about 7-8 pm last night, but it should have been fixed.

At this point, you should be able to send messages to anybody who has YOU as a friend. If you can identify someone whom you should be able to message and are not able to, please send me a message (I received your message, by the way -in case you are wondering!) :slight_smile: