Help! Back to TuDiabetes after being away for so long!

Hi everyone,

My name is oreana and I have been away from the Page for a very long time and alot has happened. I am glad to be back and hope to mete New People and get the help I need,to learn New things.

So I have been off my pump for 1 year because of insurance issues. I am now searching for a way to get a pump again. IT really did control my sugar wonderfully.

Now I am a mess…does anyone have any suggestions as to what pump? How to get in touch with the companys?


Welcome back!

Thank You Brian! I am here to staying this time,really have to te care of my self!

Welcome back!

A pump is an incredible tool for managing diabetes -- I use one. If finances are an issue, there are a groups that collect used pumps and make them available, direct assistance from manufacturers, etc. I'm betting Marie will pop in and give some relevant links soon :-) :-)

However, you don't need a pump to get your BG under control. You only need a meter and if T1, insulin.

Are you on a basal/bolus insulin regimen? Struggling to figure it all out? Need some moral/backbone support? TuD can help.

Regardless, I'd strongly urge you to get real active achieving good control with the tools you have available now, at the same time you're trying to get back on a pump. There's no good reason to wait, and every reason to not.

Hi oreana,

Welcome back! Here is a link to a pump comparison and listing of features and all (it is dated 2014 but I could not find the latest version so it may not be published yet). There are so many options. From here you can download a printable version, or just have a look at your leisure:

Also, TuD has a pump forum and many groups to discuss each product and the ins and outs and likes and dislikes. I have been pumping with MiniMed for a long long time, and recommend them hightly. But then I don't know any better. I hope you can find your way back to pumping.

Thanks for the input dave,I am type 1 and had an insulin pump before and it worked out very well. Be cause of insurance issues I had to get off of it. I am struggling horribly. I was in the er monday with a sugar of 633. The problem is inhale been off insulina and need to restart. I have an appt tommorrow with a specialist.

I have a meter yes! But couldnt afford the rest.

here's a cool comparison that's new from Melissa Bl, our former lead admin

and our patient assistance page has a link to the Charles Ray III foundation, which assists ppl w pumps

*thanks, Dave

Thank you tons,I will read on this. I want to be preparared for my appt tommorrow. Very nervous it has been such a roller coaster.

I love the comparsion. Wonderful links. Thank You for all of the help!