Help, changed my omnipod and have a big lump where it was

All, this is the first time I can remember this happening. I took off the pod a few days ago and put a new one in my other arm. The next day my right tricep was really sore. I reached over and realized that there was a little red dot like a pimple, but underneath my skin was a big lump. Maybe an inch by inch square of hard tissue that's sore to the touch. It's been 3 days and it's still there and still pretty sore. Anyone seen this before? Should I be concerned or give it some time? Any input is greatly appreciated!

I recently had a similar problem after taking out my infusion port and it turned out to be cellulitis. I needed antibiotics, and was happy to get them because it resolved the problem in just a few days. I would recommend getting your arm looked at by your PCP today. If thats not possible perhaps an urgent care, but it sounds like it has been there long enough to warrant an evaluation. Redness/swelling/pain all point to infection. Good luck,

I usually have a small lump at the cannula site when I change the pod...maybe 1/4 by 1/4 inch that goes away in 2-3 days. An inch by an inch seems a little large.

yeah, this is more of a "lump" then the usual hole left behind. Thanks y'all for the feedback. I'm noticing that even at 188 I feel like I'm about to pass out so I might need to get looked at.