Help Diabetes Hands Foundation win a $5,000 Grant from Intuit

Every month, Intuit (the makers of Quickbooks and Quicken) give away $5,000 in grants to small businesses and nonprofits. Help the Diabetes Hands Foundation win this grant by following these steps:

  1. Visit: and enter “Diabetes Hands Foundation” and “94709” for our zip code.

  2. If you find us on the listing, click on us to nominate us. If you don’t find us on the listing, click on the “complete a manual nomination” link at the bottom of the box under Step 2, as shown on this figure.

3. Complete the form with the following information: * Business name: Diabetes Hands Foundation * Business address: P.O. Box 9421 (zip code 94709) * Business city: Berkeley * Business state: California * Business contact information:

Thanks so much for your support!!