Help from tandem users

Hello all again.
I have a new issue maybe some of you can explain something.
I’ve been having unexplained occlusion alerts for 4 days even after changing sites. Usually during bolus.
I called them they put me through all the stuff I already checked.
However it is intermittent.
But I ran into another issue that the guy in the phone kept avoiding and wouldn’t answer.
When I get this occlusion alarm, I bolus 5 units, and it delivers 2

I assume the tech support person had you do the restart thing, and then load a new cartridge with fresh insulin while checking carefully for air bubbles, and connect it to a fresh infusion set… Correct? If any of that doesn’t sound correct, I would start there.

The only oddball trick I know of that’s beyond the ordinary you probably already know is, did you clean the 6 tiny air vents on the backside? Center of the backside, near the charging port, where all the symbols are painted on. Just use a dry toothbrush to open the holes back up. If they get clogged, if affects the pressure sensor.

If you keep getting them, just call back. In my experience, tech support is overly happy to exchange pumps, but they’ve hired a lot of new support recently, and seems the newbies aren’t as knowledgeable/comfortable yet. I’ve had 2 tech support calls in the last few months that I didn’t think was up to caliber, followed by a call back to a more typically excellent person who fixed my problem one way or another.


Live and learn! I was not aware of the six pressure holes. My Animas Ping had a pressure hole that needed to be kept clear of lint. But I had been instructed to just put the pump under the faucet because it was waterproof. I should have known to look for pressure holes somewhere on the t.slim. Thanks!

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You know technically the t:slim is water resistant. Basically water proof so long as you keep is no deeper than 3 feet for less than 30 minutes. I guess you could just wash it off. I’ve never heard Tandem recommend anything there specifically.

Maybe mine never seem to clog because I drop it in the bathtub so much. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I did all the changing of everything now 4 times in 4 days.
They made me waste another set on the phone, but this is a intermittent thing. I just don’t believe I have hit 4 bad spots in my skin, in a row.
It’s irritating that they make you do all the things I already tried like I am a child with a learning disability. But I understand why they do that too.
Those holes look pretty clean but I’m going to clean them out anyway.

I used to get these alarms with Medtronic. But it was rare.
6 months in tandem and it was fine until this week.
I went ahead and cleaned my pressure sensor and will hope for the best.
I did drop my pump and it crashed on that very same corner even w the case in it left a mark on the corner.
I’m wondering if I damaged it maybe.

I was told by Tandem that these holes were speaker holes and have nothing to do with a pressure sensor. But chances are someone else got told something different from Tandem. Lots of the time what you are told depends on whom you talk to…

Happened again today so I think it’s not the holes.
I’m really thinking I damaged it when I dropped it.
I’m calling them again today