HELP! Getting my drivers license in two days. Don't know the protocol!

So I didn't think of this until just now but what do you have to do in order to get your drivers license as a diabetic (in Alberta, Canada) I just got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a little over two months ago and I'm 17. My class 5 road test is in two days. When I first got diagnosed I talked to some of the doctors and nurses at the hospital to see what the story was. I 'm on my learners permit right now and I asked them if I have to stop driving or whatever and they said it should be fine. But I just looked this up now and it says that I need to be screened or something before taking my test. What's the story? My diabetes is really well controlled currently as well.

This is the story in BC : A quick scan did not show ( me) what new drivers have to go through This link for AB ...maybe you saw this ??? :
I have a sense , that all provincies and territories are having simelar/same rules , as I can cross the border into AB from BC without hassle and keep on driving :)
Take care.

Thank you Nel. Geez everything is so much more work when you're a diabetic.

Thanks Laura for adding the link , which I missed mentioning ...CDA's website referred to this in mid January , 2012