HELP! High sugars

Can this be caused by a nystatin mouth rinse for trush? Anyone had this also?

JOHNBEN with thanks. My Hg A1C is 5.9

I really don’t know. At the time I was using things for thrust I had a pancres transplant. Hope someone else here can help you JongBen

Can’t say for sure but it didn’t seem to effect my sugars are you spitting or swallowing the Nystatin

Hi johnben

No. Nystatin mouth rinse wouldn’t cause high blood sugars. As you know sometimes we get infections when are sugars are relatively normal. Stress can leave us susceptible to infection and both stress and infections raise blood glucose.

Are you on basal/bolus (MDI) multiple daily injection with Levemir or Lantus? If so a temporary safe basal increase could be the remedy. Hope this helps and be well.

Thank you all. I swiss the stuff around and then swallow it to prevent trush to get on the esophagus walls.
Yes on 5 needles per day so on a basal-bonus MDI. Lantus-Humelog. From 60 to 250…


Does your blood glucose range from 60-250?
Her’s an excerpt from think like a pancreas be Gary Scheiner. It’s a brief explanation on increasing basal insulin for illness or infection.
6009-InsulinIllnes_Infection.png (3.16 MB)

It’s 49.8% (weight/volume) sucrose. I agree high blood sugars are not listed as a side effect, etc. But give me a break, what does sucrose do? Gives high blood sugars!

Very interesting and helpful posts for me. Thank you all for your efforts.
It is now cleared up.