Help! Huge sugar spike for no reason!

My daughter was diagnosed in November but we have not seen numbers even in the 200s since then except for maybe 2 or 3 times. She runs around 100. At dinner she was 315!!! She swears she did not eSt anything unaccounted for, there was no exercise today… It is slowly coming own but not by much. I figure we will see where it is overnight (I won’t test her probably- she has a cgm so I can look at that)… If it is still really high in the am we will call the doc but any ideas why it is so high? Thanks! ( and yes she is testing for ketones- so far negative).

does she pump?
maybe a site change?
or bubbles in the syringe?
bad insulin?

she could be coming out of her honeymoon..
depending on her age- it could be hormonal..

or it could just be that sometimes - diabetes just throws you for a loop.
If her #'s continue to be higher than usual - speak to her endo or CDE

Thanks… No pump, no bubbles as I did it, and the insulin is not new so I doubt that is it. She is 11 so hormones could be it or end of honeymoon… She dropped really fast after diagnoss and has gotten used to l ow insulin doses. Maybe that will change… I guess we are dose by dose right now. I don’t want to correct for it until morning as long as ketones sty negative.


These things happen- they will happen for no reason that you can figure out. Remember- there are no good numbers, no bad numbers, it is all good information. Your doctor or team can help you learn how to adjust for highs. We don't at night, either. I like him a little higher at night! Blood sugar is a funny thing- sometimes I think the wind blows sideways and it makes a difference :)

A 300 number for a while is not going to hurt her in the long run. Since you have not had to deal with this yet you will have the perfect chance to talk to your dr or team about adjusting when it is this high and at night!

You sound like you are doing great for having this so new! We were diagnosed in October...funny how much you learn and so damn fast.

Sounds like diabetes mixed with hormones, possible sign of illness about to hit, a little less exercise, or maybe even french fries or a food that didn't digest as fast as others her body is more used to but has now produced the rise in her bg and now the fat is holding her up (like pizza, chinese, fried anything). Diabetes does this, my daughter is 8.5yrs old and I am seeing the hormones and illness in her bg readings especially at night. Hope she levels out soon.

Agree with the previous comments. My son was 9 at diagnosis. Sometimes it just goes high for no good reason. If he gets sick or is unusually stressed it can go up. Also he went up when his ped gave him a steroid nasal spray for his allergies, even though he said it should not affect his sugar, steroid ointment can do the same thing to him. We also found that fried french fries for some reason always make him go high but baked ones don't. He started out at 12 unit of lantus at bedtime with a 1: 25 ratio for novalog at all three meals. It has gradually increased over the past 2.5 years to 22 units of lantus and 1:10 novalog breakfast and lunch and 1: 6 for dinner. You are doing the right thing. It may be a one time spike, if you see a trend then your endo may adjust the insulin dosage. I would always freak over the numbers and still do at times, but diabetes doesn`t always play by the rules. Good luck and prayers for you and your daughter, it sounds like you are doing the right thing.

Thanks all!

I know how frustrated you may feel now, but that is D, sometimes unpredictable. I do hope you find your "suspect" and are able to eliminate it....

Hope you will enjoy this story of mine :)

Maybe she didn't wash her hands? Sugar/food on fingers can alter the results. But if the cgms concurs then that is unlikely. I often rewash hands and retest with unexplained highs before I correct. If she was on a pump it's likely an issue with the insertion set, or what others said (bubbles, etc.). Or the end of the honeymoon and maybe the reality that it won't be so easy to keep her at 100 anymore... in my house we have 300s all the time, so don't panic.

My daughter goes high when she is cutting new teeth- there are so many things that can affect BG - the important thing is to not panic and realize there are no bad numbers you are controlling the best you can. You don’t want your daughter to feel she did anything wrong or experience your stress. There will be those days and you will correct things and it will be OK. I keep a written log of insulin doses - foods eaten - BG readings and reference it all the time to make corrections. Find what works for you. We had a high the other night and my daughter said hey Dad I’m a little high - I know you’ll figure this out and fix it - because your the bestus smartest dad I ever had. Her confidence and lack of panic made me feel great. You’ll get there - take a deep breath - stay focused and you’ll both be OK.
God bless.

Sometimes stress at school (a test, presentation, etc.) could make my son go up.

He also was at times high in the afternoons and early evening when he was on 24 hour Levemir that was injected at night. But, when we did initial testing for the pump and set it up with similar values as MDI, he suddenly was so low in afternoons that we had to adjust his pump settings. It appeared that at times he was just using up the Levemir before the 24 hours. We always blamed it on the pizza for lunch!

There are SO many reasons why it could be high. Maybe you didn't give the amount of insulin you thouht you did. Maybe you didn't count carbs correctly. Maybe she was stressed today. Maybe she is getting sick (I hope not). Maybe it's hormones. OR if it continues to be high for the next few days then you need to call her endo. and make changes to either her Lantus (long acting insulin) or make changes to her carb ratios for meals/snacks. It's really not going to hurt her unless her #'s stay high for an extended period of time. Try not to stress about it (stress will just make her #'s go higher anyway) and just keep track of what's going on so when you talk to the endo. you can give him/her good info.

OH ... and drinking lots of water will help bring her #'s down and help flush any ketones out of her system. :)