Help, I have a bad cold

What should a type 1 do with a bad cold. Are there any medicines to avoid (nyquil, therafu, advil, tylenol) and should their insulin intake increase. I don’t have a fever with the cold (99.5 temp). Or do you just make sure you don’t go too high. Thanks - First cold as a diabetic.

Insulin may need to be increased on a temporary basis, as your body is fighting off “Outside invaders” and it doesnt differentiate between your insulin and the virus. But you may want to consult your doc before doing so.

I do not take any medication for the cold - maybe a spray for the nose or some inhalation. I just wait for the BG numbers to climb and then I will increase my basal dosage by 30% or more for the next several days maybe weeks. Expect many corrections. It can take some time to regain control. Get well soon.

Thanks - My dr said he wouldn’t do anything different for a standard cold. Unless my levels increase. Which they haven’t (yet). But I am not coming down from my after meal highs that quickly. Normally I peak about 150 45 mins after a meal and am down to 100 2 hrs later. I am staying at 150 longer.