Help / i notice that without a basal dose after a few hours my blood sugar stay the same?

Example: i take my Lantus at night. i usually take it around 11 pm. However, once in a while on weekends i forget or i take late. So last night i forgot to take it and Blood sugar before sleeping was 80ish, the i sleep until 1 pm ( yeah i know.. too much) and i woke up with 87ish.

So i have been with out Lantus for so many hours and my blood sugar stayed the same and did not spike. I have noticed this already a couple of times. Please enlighten me because this does not make much sense. I take 20-22 units of lantus and during the day 8-25 units of rapid insulin. I have been on the same lantus dose since i have been diagnose (6 years ago). Help… :)

Lantus can build up in your system. Quite possibly you are getting the benefit of that buildup. You need to find a way to remind yourself to take your Lantus on time, though. Good luck.

Diabetes is an ever-chaning thing for each person. There could be a lot of factors that led to your experience. I agree with Trudy though with that possibility. Diabetes reacts to what you take, what you eat, how you eat, how you play or not and even your emotional state. Good luck with your continued efforts, and be ready, they can be a challenge from time to time.

Another factor is that the lantus you take at one specific time does not begin to act in your body for a while (I've seen literature that says up to 19 hours, but it varies by individual--that's one reason that they recommend not basal testing the day that you change your dose). So, you might have a situation where you forget or are late one day, but you don't really feel the effects until the next day, when the lantus that you missed finally is supposed to be working and is not there.

I am on Humulin N. NPH and I have forgotten my evening dose and have had similar experiences. However, my BS seems to be higher the following day. At some point I have heard of something called a pre-dawn theory....not quite sure what it is but maybe this is why...I dunno.

Trudy is correct… When I was starting the pump and getting off the lantus that is exactly what I was told… The lantus builds up in your body. I wish it were a sign that you didn’t need insulin but, sorry!

Thank you all for your help !! i wish the best for all