Help ladies

Hi I’m new to this group… I made this account after reading a lot of your stories… I’ve had a miscarriage back when I was 17 due to having an a1c of 15 and also getting pancreatitis… I’m 21 now and I can’t tell whether or not if I’m pregnant. Me and my boyfriend been trying to conceive but I found out that my hormones were terribly low so I had to take pills to get it back up they’re finally back to normal and during the time of taking them we have been having a lot of sex… to get to my point lmao I’ve been frequently peeing like crazy waking up out of my sleep to go, getting bad headaches and stomach pains (cramps) and now my nipples and breast hurts but my blood sugar has been up an down which is causing me to drink more water and sometimes when my blood sugar is high it cause headaches an mood changes so I honestly can’t tell

Go get a pregnancy test at the drug store. That should answer your question.

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Yep I’m 11 weeks pregnant with an A1c of 11.2​:sob::sob:

Congrats on the pregnancy!!! Hopefully you can work on getting your A1C. From what I’ve been told that’s the main goal.


Do you have a cgm that works for you? I couldn’t get the medtronic cgm to work for me, and I was doing ok without it, but when I tried the g6 it was amazing! I never knew what I was missing until I could see exactly when I was having the most trouble. I imagine when I get pregnant it will be even more helpful because hormones affect blood sugar in unpredictable ways.

Congratulations on your pregnancy and good luck!

We’re pretty close in our pregnancies! I’m 12+1 wks today. I’ve been pretty lucky with my A1Cs, although it takes a lot of work to keep them below 6. Try to do your best now, since our BG’s will only get tougher to control once we hit the second and third trimesters :weary:

I use a Freestyle Libre, which has helped me get really great control, especially since I can test all day long without having to poke my finger. I also have an Omnipod, I’m not sure if the insulin pump is that important, although, the continuous insulin seems to give my BGs more stability.

Try eating fewer carbs and more greens, that also seems to help lower my BGs, but don’t go carb-free, the baby needs them to grow :slight_smile: