Help Me: Do I need a new doctor?

I’ve got a dilemma, and I was hoping some of you can help me.

Since my DKA in May, I’ve been seeing a doctor that I randomly found by flipping though my insurance provider’s list of approved doctors. I made my first appointment and went in and told him my whole story.

I won’t bore you with my back-story, but the gist is that my insurance just recently started covering Diabetes care after a long waiting-period because of a “pre-existing condition.” Dumb.

So the Doctor comes in and is a really fast talker. He interrupted me while I’m talking a few times. And he scribbled a prescription and walked out. A few seconds later a nurse walks in and cleans my ears out (I guess scratching the inside of your ears with your car keys is bad for them…who knew?), and tells me that the doctor wants to see me again in a month.

Okay, so he loses points as a conversationalist…but I know that a lot of doctors are in-and-out, and I’ve heard a lot of people complain that they don’t get enough face-time with their doctors.

When it came to my treatment plan however, I really feel that for the first time this doctor really “got me.” The basal/bolus regiment is working. My numbers (for the first time in years) are close to stabilizing. And I’m hopeful that I can live comfortably with diabetes.

So here’s the dilemma: It’s time for me to make another appointment. Do I find another doctor to see?

THE PROS: If I cut ties now with this doctor, I’ve invested very little of my time and money into him. I can go find someone that clicks with me, and we can have a long relationship. It’s possible that in a few months I get fed up with the curtness of the current doctor and end up switching anyway.

THE CONS: Eventually you need to settle down and start building history with one physician. It’s close to impossible to find that “soul mate” doctor that connects from the moment your eyes meet. Stop doctor-hopping and start getting in control of your diabetes.

What are your thoughts?

Stay with this doctor for awhile…give it a chance and If after a few more visits you just dont “connect” then look for another one. I always try and give somebody a second chance. Just my opinion :slight_smile:

I’d give him another try, too. The same thing happened to me. The basal&bolus plan I got from my last doctor was such an improvement, but eventually after about four appts that really upset me, I found another endo that I could relate to (plus he’s much closer driving time). So I’ve been with him now for two appts, and we just kept the same basal&bolus from the cold unfeeling endo.

Give him one more chance. Also find out if he has a medical assistant or nurse that works with him. If so, build a relationship with them as well. My doc was in and out and I was going to change docs until I voiced my concerns about not enough face time and discussion with the nurse who is the CDE there. She spoke to the doc and the next time I saw the doc, she apologized for being so quick before and told me she was happy to spend more time discussing my treatment plans and concerns. The doc still isn’t warm and fuzzy but I know she cares and she works with me.

As far as staying with the doc if you can’t build a relationship, there are things you have to think about. I know that you want to get on a pump soon. You want to be sure that you feel listened to and supported when you start a pump. So if you feel the doc still isn’t listening to you, find another one. You deserve a partner in your health care :slight_smile:

I sympathize! I currently see a GP for my diabetes care - I KNOW I need an endo, but I really feel a need to relate to the person helping me control my diabetes. I dont think they realize that they are involved with us on such an intimate level. We are - quite literally - trusting these docs with our lives and our futures - and they can’t even be bothered to make eye contact? I think they’re scared they might accidentally see us as humans, rather than statistics. My first endo was great - then he pawned me off on his nurses. NEVER showed up for appointments. My second endo did great for a long time - but after some personal issues in his own life (as best I can tell) he CHANGED. Became abrasive and distant (I’ve heard this from LOTS of his patients).

I don’t mean that I expect my doc to be a pal or a therapist - seriously, I DON’T expect that, or want that. But I DO expect him to understand that my life affects my diabetes and vice versa. Oh! and that I’m allowed to HAVE a life.

Don’t ever be afraid of doctors. They are people too but with a medical degree. The lowest graduate from medical school are called doctor. There are good ones and not so good. You are paying good money for his service. Be sure to tell the nurse that you don’t want to be rushed and need his undivided attention. You have diabetic issues with your health. The doctor must get the message. Make sure that your doctor is well versed in the field of diabetes and not afraid of sending you to a specialist. I am 58 years old and had lots of doctors over the years and kept a few. There were several doctors that we did not like because of his indifferent / arrogant attitude. We simply went to the checkout nurse made a note for the file and fired him. We simply told the nurse that we will not come back and told her why and will not pay for his service, period. They are usually not surprised. It pays to have a good Doctor. Sid

just wondered how ur next visit went and if he was willing to listen ?