Help minimed or animas

Hi, I need advice, i don’t know whether to switch to animas or minimed. I know a lot of people with minimed who love it. I have trialed both but I trialed a 2020 over the summer for three days. I trailed a minimed 512 for 2 weeks. I loved both. I have heard bout the ping. But the minimed has the sensor. I don’t feel my lows but get really sick when I am high. Anyone use the minimed revel? if so how do you like it? if anyone has switched from animas to minimed or minimed to animas why? what are benefits? I currently use the omnipod but after nearly killing me 23 times in ketoe acidosis, not alarming when it fails, no sensor, going through 35 PDMS YES 35 PDMS. I have had it. I cant decide minimed or animas???


I really don’t know , if I can make up your mind; actually I know I CANNOT …it’s your choice ,it’s your body , it’s you having to live with the D and your expectations .
I am a MM person since 2001 ;never switched from another company ; overall very happy with the service, the help I get from my pump Nurse , the Care Link , the glucometer sending the finger poke results to my pump , the technology , which I ( as a 70 year old one ) can understand easily …the bottom line : we are all different : TRY and assess as you see it work into your life style …I am sure you will make the correct choice for YOU …let us know please ,how you make out