Help -- Need Some Creative Thinkers

Need help! My extra-special niece is graduating from high school, and I don’t know what to get her. Hoping for something memorable to mark this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Any creative ideas?

If she doesn’t already have one, iPad, Zoom, adam or Asus ee tablet. Or extra small portable notebooks such as Sony VAIO; acer has small notebooks (not netbooks) as well. This will come in very handy for college and portable computing. Any tech device, if she already has one of these.

Depending on your budget and her “technology on hand”, look at her future plans.

If she is planning university or community college or formal occupational education, ask her if her current technology meets the published requirements for her intended post high school endeavors. For example, she may have desktop computer at home now but the university she plans to attend requires a laptop with …(long list of tech babel).

Give her a card with a “Created by Jan gift certificate” for a shopping trip. A “girls” shopping trip for a new wardrobe may be the thing for super-niece.

Also remember to “declare” her student status for educational pricing on most academic technology. Also, depending on your tax situation, if you were to purchase a school related item at the school, and made the payment directly to the school - niece never touched the money - it may not be a gift for tax purposes. See your tax adviser for details.

Jewelry, jewelry, jewelry!! Especially a peice that you would be able to have inscribed.

Travel! My nephew got a car when he graduated college and so when it was my niece’s turn she wanted the equal amount of money to travel on. Girl after my own heart! I really think travel expands our minds, and kids who travel young have a much broader view of the world. High school is a bit young to travel alone, but perhaps she’d like to travel somewhere with you or to visit family friends where she’d be met somewhere. I love giving people gifts that are experiences rather than just “things”.

Wow, these are great ideas! You are indeed a creative bunch.

I was stressing about this yesterday, and came up with an idea last night. Tell me what you think of this:

She adores her camera and her phone, and takes tons of pictures (as do most teens). Fortunately for me, she posts lots of them on her Facebook page. I thought I pick out the best ones, print them, and put them into a collage commemorating her time in high school.

It’s a good idea, but much more work than your ideas above!

Jan :slight_smile: