Help Needed Regarding Multiple Boluses

if i give myself a bolus for my dinner, and at the time, i dont think i'm going to be eating more can i just add on another bolus with/without using my pumps' WIZARD app if i decide i want to continue eating?

do i need to wait 2-3 hours after my "main" meal before bolusing again?

You can bolus anytime for carbs your pump only tracks correction insulin...but it will always show you active insulin (IOB) soon as your pump gets finished with a bolus you can bolus again using the wizard...Again your pump assumes every carb you enter into the wizard needs insulin and will use your currant I:C to calculate the dose. Just remember the pump always assumes every bolus is perfect and you may need to adjust the recommended bolus up or down based on past experience.

I would just use the wizard if I was going to bolus again. I don't ever bother bolusing without using it.

My only caution is that most pumps handle IOB for corrections, but can mess up when this overlaps with carb boluses. If you test your blood sugar and compute a combined correction and carb bolus, the correction will not account for any of the carbs on board or IOB from your previous meal. As JohnG notes, the pump assumes a perfect bolus, although your blood sugar might swing madly in the interim. It is always safer with secondary carb bolues to not test and correct and just enter a blood sugar reading in your target range to assure that no correction is improperly factored in.