Help on ? display

We have had a nice hot summer in the UK, I'm quite active and few times I have got the ??? display.

Have found that this can be caused by dehydration and that drinking water can fix this quite quickly, within 5 mins.

As a side line its become a quite useful tool to ensure I drink enough when undertaking activities.

Just thought this might be helpful to others :-)

Thanks for this idea - dehydration never occurred to me! My CDE also told me to re-position the receiver a little, like to the other side of the body, to help clear the ???. I guess that can help sort of re-initiate the connection saying "hey, I'm here, give me some feedback" between the receiver and the transmitter (in layman's terms). I also have held the receiver right next to the transmitter for a minute or so and that helped, too. If it lasts too long for my patience, I just restart the whole thing and wait the 2 hours to see if they can connect again, and that usually works.

I don't often get hit by the dreaded "???".

I mountain bike a LOT -- this past Wednesday I did 19.8 miles in 106 degree (F) heat and lost over five pounds in water (I was 187.8 pounds when I left and 182.2 when I returned). You know I was dehydrated. It took me more than a day to get squared on my hydration, which I expected. Not a single "???"in all that time.

I think then that this hydration-causing-the-??? thing may be something peculiar to you (or perhaps the lack thereof is peculiar to me?...).


OK forgot to say my Tx is in my arm and I'm not large. So I do not feel dehydrated when it occurs but its usually when I've been active and not drunk much. If I then drink say a litre of water it corrects itself.

If your fluid levels are good before hand (mine normally are) then maybe you will not see it. There are a few in the UK that are seeing this.

BRILLIANT!! Never knew that. So helpful. TY Chas.

Ellie in Dallas

I find that when I get the ??? I can get it going again by plugging the receiver in and charging it for a few minutes (even if the battery still has a charge). This works 4 out of 5 times.

Interesting. My 'Tx' is on my arm as well. I'm kind of a 'normal-sized' 54 yr old -- 6' and 185 lbs. If it's a UK only thing, I wonder if there's something possibly different about our G4 systems. My 'Rx' is on SW Rev My BG show in mg/dl on my G4 and I see no way of changing that to your mmol/l. Maybe?...


I'm sure there loads of reasons for ???, just few of us have found dehydration can be one of them. FWIW I'm same age and size as you. Been IDD for 43 yrs, pumping for 18 months, CBG with Dex for nearly 12 months.

Hi all, wish I had read this before tonight! Just started my 5 y/o daughter on G4 10 days ago and tonight after her swim lesson we got the ??? display and a couple of hours later the "Sensor Failed" message so we removed it. It had only been on for 24 hours.

While she was swimming the receiver displayed the out of range signal, so I moved close to where she was swimming (an outer lane) and was following her up and down the lane to try to get the receiver to reconnect with the transmitter - other parents must have thought I was one of those crazy "helicopter" parents!

Anyway, I am keeping these tips in a Word document so I can try them all. Maybe just putting the receiver right next to the transmitter would have worked. We didn't put the receiver back on her after her lesson - it was sitting on the front seat of the car - and she doesn't typically wear the receiver at home; she's generally within 20 feet of it, or I move it from room to room.

Anyway, I'm so grateful for this forum! I'm active in the Omnipod Users and Parents of Kids with T1 forums, which have both been a godsend, so I look forward to learning from you all!