Help, Please


If the purpose of using a pump is to achieve better bg results, then it’s not working for me. My biggest obstacle seems to be absorption rates and places to insert the infusion set. If I insert on my abdomen, my numbers run high. If I insert on my leg, my numbers are fine. But I can’t find enough good sites. My hips and rear do not have a layer of fat, it’s all on my abdomen. I’m using the quickset 6mm primarily. I tried the sillouette, but those are medieval torture devices. Does anyone have any advice? Or should I go back to shots? Please help me if you can. Thanks!


Elaine - i think many people find the same issues you have…I know Kerry Marrone blogged about this same issue on Six Until Me several months ago - i ran into this issue too…i can only use my hips - i have my CGM in my stomach, and i cant use my upper thigh for my infusion sets because i run low. I also use the 6mm quickset - but find that sometimes it crimps inside–and i dont get an occulsion alarm. Inspect the cannula everytime you take it out to see if it is bent over at all.

If you absorption rates are different, i would try to pick the place on your body that you have the most fat and stick to that area, and rotate left side, right side moving slightly up or down with each rotation. Unless you are really prone to 'knotting up
(dont recall the real term) you should be fine. if that area is your stomach, you may need to adjust your basal rates a little higher to accomodate that.

dont give up yet…pumping really will give you freedom - best of luck to you.


Thanks for the info Mollie. I have never gotten an occlusion alarm and I’m not really sure what that means. I stomach is where I injected for 25 years, so I think that’s why the absorption is so bad.


Maybe if you give your stomach a break for a few months you will have more luck there—i think i am going to post a forum discussion on pump occulsions…watch out for it…you will probably learn something…