Help? Possible early Type 1?


good news on the appointment… let us know what happens and don’t be afraid many of us live normal lives and we have this site to help support us…


Thank you so much. I’m nervous, only because you never want your child’s life to be more complicated than it needs to be. But, truly I’m just anxious to have answers and if we’re headed down the road to him being diabetic a plan of action. Thank you all so much for your support and understanding. It is SO hard not knowing, so much time is spent worrying, second guessing, questioning.


Ok, we had an appointment with the Pediatric Endo today. I have to say I am beyond happy with how it went. The doctor and his staff were wonderful. The diabetes educator said “obviously there is some sort of stressor on his pancreas” now weather that be not producing enough insulin or if he’s insulin resistant is still to be determined. She gave me information on meals to help reduce some of the work on his pancreas. The doctor ordered a gamit of antibodies test in order to cover all possibilities of what’s going on. My son’s A1C today with finger stick was done from 5.7 on June 1st to 5.3 today, so that’s promising. We are to do some monitoring and tracking and of course call with any concerns. So, hopefully 7 to 10 days and we will have a better idea of what we are looking at and a possible game plan if necessary. The Doctor was truly wonderful. As a parent when things are not black and white I tend to second guess myself and my instincts (I really am a worry wart) in no way what so ever did this doctor or his staff make me feel like I was just over reacting. I’m am so grateful it was a good experience and am confident that if he is someone we need to rely on from here on out for care that we will be well taken care of. 7 -10 days, keeping my fingers crossed!


Well, you’re unique in that regard. I’ve never heard of any other parent ever doing that . . . . ROFL :laughing:.

Actually it would be cause for greater concern if you didn’t worry. :wink:


Can you share any updates on your son? My grandson is displaying very similar symptoms over the past couple of months and the endo has had mom/dad keep a log of blood sugars since all tests have come back with nothing found to be positive. His appointment to review everything is on Thursday…was wondering what the outcome was with your son. Thank you!


Did you ever get a diagnosis?


I agree with Tim wholeheartedly. If it were my kid, I’d go to the ped. Endo. They can test for the gad antibody