So i’m sick and cant keep anything down my blood sugar is getting lower last i checked it was 59, can i just suspend my insulin delivery on my pod until my bs has raised or until i can eat something?

My BG is usually on the lower side when I’m sick, so I reduce my insulin when that is the case. Especially if I can’t eat! Though, I’m not on the pump (I’m MDI), and have no idea how you deal with that. Also, what Renee suggested is a good idea too! Something high in carbs to keep your BG up. Sunny Delight, Hi-C, just about any kind of fruit juice really, or even Gatoraid, if you can tolerate that stuff (I personally don’t like it!)

Hope you are feeling better SOON!

Linzie, you definitely still need some insulin, but you could use a temporary basal rate to reduce your insulin. Also try just rubbing honey on the inside of your cheeks. Or just sticking a glucose tab inside your cheek without actually eating it. Your body can absorb carbs that way too.

I usually put mine on a temp. rate too. Regular popsicles are always good to keep in your freezer. Once when I was not able to keep anything down, but couldn’t get my blood sugar up, I ended up giving myself a glucagon shot. The only time I’ve ever had to use it:)