Help-To get back started on taking care of my diabetes

When I first got started, I was excited and ready for the challege. As time marched on I stopped caring. I know my health is in danger. I am only 25 with no kids and about to be married. I fear that because of my diabetes I will not be able to birth healthy children. But I still can not get back on track. Sometime I think it is not far, this is an old persons problem. I am young. I dont want to have to plan meals. I want to enjoy what I eat. I want to eat ice cream and cookies and sweets. I dont want to have to plan ahead for everything to make sure what I need is avaiable. It really suck. I am tired of plan baked chicken with 1/3 cup rice and veg. So, I am asking for some encouragement. Maybe something that helped you make it throught the hard time. Also meal plan ideas, that tast good and are fun to enjoy. Please help, I dont know what else to do!!!

Hello Brittaney-

We all have experienced what you are going through. You are making the first step and that’s asking for help:) You have joined a great community for HELP! I use to be a strict person when it came to my diet and for some reason the past 2 years I have let go a little bit; not enough to let go. Sometimes you have to stop and ask yourself is it worth the risk of complications. Do you like to walk or better yet shop? Maybe you can walk around the mall a few times a week and watch your diet. I know it’s going to be very very hard but you can do it. You want to have a baby some day so you have your motivation.

hi, Brittaney, I’m glad you’re here at TuDiabetes. I find the support here is wonderful, and helps me from losing my mind sometimes…it’s sometimes very hard for me, and I’ve had it a looooong time. I see you have a nice looking man at your side, and his love and support I’m sure is making a big difference. My husband is type2, so we go to the doctor together, and they even put us in the same room, so he knows a lot of what’s going on with me.

I know I got a lot out of going to a registered dietician lately. Lots. There are lots of ideas on the forums for food, and frankly I’m thinking of getting more involved with recipes here. I also think Cooking Light magazine is pretty good. Do you guys cook together?

In any case, small steps taken are always better. Just make a few do-able goals for the month, and reward yourself when you reach them, and if you should not, don’t beat yourself up! Review, modify, and get back on track. We don’t always get motivated by the thought of far-off complications (esp when you’re 25), but I know I just feel better and have more energy when I eat right and exercise. Please keep in touch!