Help with carb counting please?

I am trying to be really on top of carb counting. I am going to an italian restaurant later this week, and found a meal online ahead of time I want to eat. But because of the sauce, I am having a hard time figuring out the carb content of it. The restaurant doesnt have it online.

Its: Breaded Chicken with Fresh Mushroom Cream Sauce

I am thinking: total carbs for breaded chicken, plus carbs for cream sauce...which I cant figure out or find on any app.

If I don't know the carb content, I tend to guess. My guesses are usually way off the mark though. Olive Garden posts their nutrition values online, so they might have some equivalent dish, but that's the same as guessing, I suppose.

Thanks! Good idea to try to find something similar!

You're braver than I am. I would never dare to eat breaded chicken breast or a cream sauce in a restaurant. The carbs for both depend so much on the exact recipe that without specific nutrition information it's really a crapshoot. You're also dealing with a what could be a very high fat dish which makes dosing a challenge.


For the sauce, I'd probably guess something like cream of mushroom soup?

Could be but you can do a mushroom cream sauce by sauteeing or sweating the mushrooms, adding heavy cream and reducing until the desired consistency. Such a sauce which shouts 1970s fine dining would have a great deal of fat and almost zero carbs.

It actually worked out ok!! Chicken wasnt breaded, so I guessed similar to what laura said.

Fortune favors the brave :-)