Help with CozMore Extension

We still use the Cozmo, just can't give it up. Last year I had to switch computers because I was having technical problems and now both computers are having the same issue. I am hoping that one of you might know how to fix this.

What happens is when I bring up the CozMore Extension the upload window is hidden. I have done many things to try to get the window to appear but it is not showing. I have even attempted to use two monitors and the Extension widow is not coming up.

On my other computer I tried to reinstall everything. This did not work. I am guessing that it must have something to do with the IR settings.

Anyone seen this or heard of it? Any ideas on how to fix?


Call Smith's Medical they are still there to help out with the Cozmore. I know I called them about a month ago with a problem.

Can you be more descriptive? Are you using Copilot, CozManager, pc, mac....? I don't recognize the term CozMore Extension.

Here is the fix. Right click on the Cozmore Extension that appears in
the task bar. Right click on the task bar button for the Cozmore
Extension. Click on move. Then press an arrow button. The Cozmore
Extension dialog box should now appear.

Apparently this is a common problem with Copilot and the Cozmore Extension. I hope this helps someone else. It had me stuck.