Help with fasting sugars please

I got my lab work back,A1c is 7.3, fasting sugars,(hemo?) 9.6, and urine test(protein) 0.9.

How do I get my fasting sugars down? I have tried eating before bed and test in the night and it’s not the dawn phenomenon thing. Any suggestions? Ideas?

Hi hb,

Is it just your fasting that’s high? Wondering if you’re also having high BG after meals with a 7.3 A1c.

If it’s not dawn phenomenon, then your BG before bed must be high as well…

When lowering carbs,exercising & oral meds don’t help, insulin can help T2s. Insulin has the benefit of preserving your beta cells, in addition to getting BG under better control. What did your doctor say about ways to improve your A1c?

Yes it’s just the fasting that is high. My BG after supper are usually 7-8 now. Occasionally I get 10-16 after,but it is getting better. I was told by family doc to try to get it down, no suggestions, will see endo Dr. at the end of month. I test at night
( 4-5 am) and it is around 6-7. Day times are good. around 5-7. I am on trial run so far for 8 months without insulin. I was doing very well the first 3 months. But now I can’t get it to stable again. Very active. Very stressed to though. Eat well and control portions. I don’t know what else I can do.