Help with Help, The southern hospitality catch 22

I’m a newbie so please don’t judge yet. My 3 year old daughter was just diagnosed on Thursday with Type 1. Naturally, coming from the smothering and hospitality driven culture of the south, the tendency of individuals is to create meal trains and legitimately ask if there is anything they can do to help. How do you let them help? If they bring over food that I don’t know what’s in it to carb count, then it could spike her. No one can babysit or watch the kids so my wife and I can get a break because my wife and I barely understand and are still learning how to care for her. I mean how do you politely tell someone to please do not feed my kid you might kill her? I mentioned sponsoring her in the upcoming JDRF OneWalk but they don’t seem to grasp the concept. We don’t even know what we need much less able to tell other what we need. How did everyone deal with this?

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@Restless_Daddy you are definitely in the right place to get answers. There are many parents here who I’m sure will be along shortly that can give you suggestions. Until then, learn what you can at a comfortable pace because it’s a marathon not a sprint.

Hope you and your family get the answers you need.

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Would it offend the people bringing food if you asked for the recipe? That way you could carb count and still accept your neighbors desire to help. As for being able to get out for a date night you may be too nervous to leave your daughter for a while but you can probably find another diabetic locally who would be willing to babysit occasionally and have your family members learn with you so eventually you can leave the kids with Grandma, etc. without worry.

The Dexcom G5 and G6 continuous glucose monitor (CGM) would let your daughters BG’s be sent to various followers phones so you and your wife will always know what her BG’s are and be able to instruct people to prevent severe highs or lows even when you aren’t with her. Teaching people about the ends and outs of food with diabetes is very difficult but if you leave clear instructions on what she can and can’t eat without complicated calculations then she should be pretty safe. Even right now there are probably some foods she can eat for free like cheese or eggs, pickles etc.


I was diagnosed at age 5. When friends, neighbors came over, I loved getting GIFTs (toys), to make me feel better. If family, friends bring food, it may help give you more free time (not cooking) to spend time with your child.

You might try calling local JDRF or ADA to see if they have volunteers or other local parents available to help out.

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We will definitely be getting a DexcomG6 ASAP. We are just waiting for the Doctor. She wants us to show we can care for her manually before going digital, which I can appreciate. She has stressed the importance of getting a pump for our 3 year old because she might not be able to tell us her symptoms and we definitely are limited to how much we can dose right now. The Doctor wants to avoid diluded insulin as much as possible. The only question now is whether or not to get the Pod or the Tandem T-Slim.

Thanks MM1. Were going on that walk this weekend.