Help with settings please

Hi, I’ve been on the Ping now for about three weeks, and I’m noticing something… on the weekends when I don’t work out my blood sugars are much higher… I believe I need more basal on those days. I don’t recall how to set up a Temp Basal and if it’s something that will kick in on it’s own? If not, I still have to get through tomorrow and need to at least know how much I should increase the Basal by (not used to making changes on my own) I’m seeing my Diabetes Team on Monday, but I can’t be in the 300’s over the weekend. All help greatly appreciated.

Have you read the manual for your pump? This is completely covered in there. I’m surprised that at the very least it wasn’t covered in your initial training… three weeks is not very long to “forget” how to set this.

That said, there is no way to make the pump automatically switch to a different basal profile for weekends. You can create a new profile and switch to it manually, or just run temp basals. How much of a % higher is going to vary for everyone though, I’m not sure anyone really can recommend anything specific… for someone 10% might send them low, even if they’d be running in the 300’s, and for someone else they might even need 100% more or higher to compensate. Everyone is different.

Thanks Sarah, I actually forgot that the setting was there, see when I went into Basal I only had A1 weekday and Temp. I couldn’t remember the other three settings (didn’t spend much time on it) But I called Animas and set a Weekend Rate. Thanks for the feedback though. Have a great weekend.

Goodness Sarah when first going on a pump some people have a difficult time taking in all the info. It is probably best if you are not comfortable with the pump yet to ask questions rather than do something you are unsure of. Yes it is in the manual but I don’t find that particullarly easy to read.

To set a temporary basal:

Menu -->Basal–>Temp

On this screen the Change option will be flashing. Here you will have to determine how much you will want to go up. +10% means you are getting 110% of your normal basal. To start out you probably want to be consevative and test a lot. Once you dial that in it will go to the Duration option. You will have to hit OK to get it blinking. Here you change the amount of time it is going to go for. After hitting OK here it will go to GO and hitting OK here will start the temporary basal.

FYI- you will get occasional alarms to remind you that a Temp basal is running.

I can fully understand how you can forget stuff from training. I had so much information given to me in my hour of training that I don’t think I even knew my name when I left my CDE’s office that day. Good for you calling Animas. They have a great technical team and they certainly don’t mind helping. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the walk through, I didn’t want to make changes without understanding them, so that’s why I called Animas. I don’t understand the decimals all that well, and how they interact with my actual blood sugar. Animas (Brook) was incredibly helpful and patient. Thanks for helping me out though, I appreciate that.

Thanks, I feel better now :slight_smile:

Good, I am glad you got help.