Ok, so I’ve had a sore throat since Thursday. I could feel stuff draining down the back of my throad so I was like “no big deal” but instead of getting better it just keeps getting worse and worse. (plus some one at school had strep…could I possibly have both??) And the worst part?? NOTHING I TRY HELPS!!! Seriously! Its so bad I can hardly talk. Ive tried ice cream, hot chocolate, and pretty much every medicine on the face of the earth.
does anyone have any other sore throat tricks??

gargle with warm water that has salt in it. Works better than anything.

Hope you feel better soon, brandi!

I like hot chicken broth. No carbs and the fat in it is soothing for your throat. It’s like “honey for people with diabetes” :slight_smile:

Warm it up and little and drink it (you can also get vegetable broth if you are vegetarian).

Hi Brandi,
I have chronic sinus issues that affect my throat what I do is what Marie B said and I also use saline nasel spray in the morning and at night for both. It has been the only thing that has fended off constant need for antibiotics. It does not always work though but for the most part it is great. Salt is a great membrane shrinker and bacteria fighter. The thing to remember is do not lay down for an hour after each because your body is draining and you don’t want the yucky stuff to pool.
Hope you get better soon
Be loved

Did you try calling the DR and getting his/her advice? Without knowing your history, I would hesitate to recommend any sort of pill. Gargle with warm salt water is good but you still need to relieve the sinus secretions. My DR recommends Mucinex. But, again, check with your DR.

Feel better.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

If it isn’t viral you need antibiotics asap or your blood sugars are going to get a lot worse. I would call your dr and see if you can get in. Even if you have to page him today to tell him what is going on. I know mine always wants to know the minute I get sick even if it is after hours.