I cannot get my sugar under control. Does any of you ahve any advice for lowering? I am taking oral meds and symlin.

Hi Carolyn,


Noticed on your home page that you were diagnosed six years ago. How long have you been on meds & Symlin? There’s a forum on Tu D for Symlin users that you might find helpful.

Several things can help Type 2s with better control: lowering your carbs, exercise, losing weight (if that’s an issue) & there’s the option of insulin. Realize many Type 2s resist the idea & many endos often don’t raise this an option, but insulin is the best route for control when meds fail. There aren’t the side effects of meds & taking insulin preserves your beta cells. There’s also a discussion here on Type 2s who use insulin.

Jenny’s site is wonderful Hope you’ll check it out.

Have you tried cutting back on your carbohydrate intake?

This strategy has helped thousands:How to Get Your Blood Sugar Under COntrol,

If that doesn’t help, you must find a new doctor. Symlin is only supposed to be given people who are injecting insulin.

Insulin is probably what you need if cutting carbs doesn’t lower your blood sugar. But you need to see a competent endocrinologist for good care.

More information would be helpful.

Do you exercise? If so, what is your routine like?

What is your typical diet?

How often do you test your blood glucose?

Do you have insulin resistance?

Jenny I am on 1000 metformin in am, 1500 pm, 3 shots symlin 3 x’s day she took me off januvia. I’ve NEVER been on insilin. What do you think of this?

Moderate exercise, low carb, check gluc 4x’s day and yes type 2 ins. resistant. never on insulin

Low carb is a relative term. How many carbs per day or per meal? You should speak with an endo about insulin, as I & the others have mentioned.